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Ex proof air conditioner

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Atexxo Manufacturing is specialized in designing the explosion-proof air conditioners. They develop the BV ex-proof air conditioners for the high ambient conditions such as dessert and tropical areas. It also creates air conditioners for the low ambient conditions like the Nordic area. The split units are specially designed for safe usage in second level zones. The second level zones are the areas which have the explosions of gas or vapor. These units have the functioning of a heat pump both for cooling and heating. It is integrated into a single unit. These ex-air conditioners and the ATEX units of the split are exclusively equipped with the approved European R-410A refrigerant.

Ex proof air conditioner

Simple and Easy Installation:

The units can be converted to the ATEX Ex proof air conditioner just in line with the philosophy of Atexxo, which provides the excellent and perfect protection during the maintenance of all the features of an original product. This facility helps the Atex air conditioners to install quickly and also operate in a straightforward manner. The air conditioner set includes the outdoor and indoor unit, which is approved by Atex, which is mounted in a wall or ceiling. It also consists of remote control. It has split groups of zone 2, which is very cost-effective.

Special Benefits:

The air conditioners are available in both the 50Hz and also in 60Hz.

It is suitable even in high ambient temperatures like the dessert area and the tropical zones.

It is suitable for day and night operations, which can function 24/7.

It is effortless to install, and the operation process is also in a simple manner. Thus it is elementary for everyone without any complicated operations.

It has the standard treatment to prevent corrosion with the Blue Fin.


It can be used in the ships containing gas tankers.

It can be used in hazardous areas like chemical plants.

Offshore oil platforms also can make benefit from the air conditioners.

As it can resist the hazardous conditions, it can be used in the storage areas of goods, which are more dangerous.

It can also be used in the cabinet analyzer areas.

During some critical applications like cooling the battery room, these explosion-proof air conditioners can be used with the redundancy controlling option, which is very dedicated. This redundant design contains the two units which perform the vital function of taking over the charge when one is left. One group of the redundant design will be in duty, and the second duty will standby. In an emergency of failure of the first unit, then it is time for the second one to take over the charge. There is an alternate connection between these two units which help each other during the unforeseen situations. This enables them to retain their lack and thus increase the lifetime of the whole equipment.

This is a great specification of the company which allows the equipment to perform more by withstanding the problematic situations. It does not stop its process if there is an error in any of the units. It will shift its charge to the other and perform better.