Effective Choices in the Real Estate Market


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Choosing the right tenant is very important. If you do not invest in a real estate fund, you need to take care of tenants for your property. The first impression when viewing the apartment can be helpful, but should not be the sole decision criterion. Proof of employment and with the tenant’s consent. There should be a request to provide significantly more reliable information than the famous first impression. Make your visit to https://cristalcellar.com/ for the best deal.


The purchase of the property usually means an enormous financial burden, with a used property, the so-called existing property, buying a house can quickly turn into a nightmare. As a layperson, you can usually not see the shortcomings when buying a house. Our checklist for property purchases can help here to sensitize you to the most important problems. The assessment of investment costs and renovation costs as well as whether the future home shows various substance damage. Should you still have doubts in various areas after carefully checking the checklist? A real estate appraiser can assist you before buying a house. He will take a look at the property with you.

How quickly do you fall in love with the existing property as a buyer and succumb to the charm of the older house? Keep a cool head and don’t act thoughtlessly. Buying a house and buying a property should be considered very carefully. For houses that have been around for a few years, age-related damage is almost the order of the day, which often shows weaknesses in the energy standard. Therefore, examine whoever binds forever.

What Needs To Be Considered When Buying A House?

As already explained in the first section, older houses often have maintenance and modernization backlog. Our checklist for buying a house or buying a property should help you to uncover the most important problems of existing properties so that you can process the purchase of the real estate. We will explain the possible problems of the old building in detail and easily.

Basic Information about the Property:

You should get the following basic information about the property:

  • There is a building permit
  • Year of construction of the house
  • Year of construction of the possible extension
  • Method of construction
  • Carried out modernizations

You should check the property carefully with our checklist for buying a house or buying a property.

Is There A Building Permit For The Property?

Before you decide to buy a house or buy a property and sign a contract, as well as a notarization date, you should check with the responsible building authority to see whether you have a building permit for the property of your choice. For this information, you must demonstrate a legitimate interest to the building authorities. If a black building was built without a public building permit, you should refrain from your future home in this case.

Is The House Listed?

It is also important to check with the responsible authority for monument protection whether the future home is protected as a monument. You can find further explanations on monument protection in a glossary. In the monument protection law is decisive.

Is There Any Property Damage To The Property?

If there is material damage to the desired property, this damage can lead to a significant impairment of the property. In our checklist house purchase and property purchase, we have dealt with some problems. To determine the value of the property, you should consult an experienced real estate appraiser for property valuation.