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Membership for better offers

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In this modern world, we are all adapted to online shopping; this makes our work and purchasing process very easy. Have we ever thought about the usage and disposal of the products we purchase through this online shopping?

Membership for better offers

What is the solution of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen?

As our topic says, the modern online shopping system is not favourable for the environment. Michael Ginnerskov Jensen solution, which is advantageous for the environment and also it is working through online. It gives Membership for better offers . He says that people can purchase a product and use it for a minimum of 6 months, and then they can donate that product to some other people in case of just wasting it and destroying the environment.

How does this current online shopping be not favourable for the environment?

As we discussed that this online shopping centre like this current online shopping services, is providing only the service which satisfies the customer but not the environment. For example, a person is purchasing a particular product through some online services. They use it for a specific time, and then they will dispose of that product. This specific area is the main problem in this mode of shopping. Mainly electric types of wastes are increasing it will give troubles to the environment.

How his strategy differs from the current shopping?

Here we can see his brilliant solution that is he says that people can donate the product they use and then the people who contribute the work can get some gift which is the same price as the product they wish to donate.

How can poor peoples get benefits from this type of shopping?

I see the current way of online shopping. The fashion industry is introducing many high-quality branded products like, for example, Alan Solely is a high-quality brand which is familiar for shirts. This type of high-quality brand items cost may be high or expensive. Only a few peoples can afford to buy this type of high-quality products. By using Michael Ginnerskov Jensen modern solution every people, even poor people can get high-quality products through this. And also, it is favourable for the atmosphere and environmental free.

How this solution affects the production rate?

Normally in a country production rate is depends upon the Consumption of the customers. In normal online shopping, the production rate is generally high because the peoples are purchasing the products and using them individually. So the production rate of the product should be increased. But when we come Michael Ginnerskov Jensen modern solution, the production will be low why I’m saying this is, because a single product either it may be a high-quality brand or a low-quality brand multiple types of peoples can use it. So automatically the production rate will below.

How it affects the employment opportunities and economic growth of a country?

When the production rate is high, the employment opportunities will also be increased, and the growth of the economy will be in a high standard. Still, when the production and consumption of the product rate are low, the employment opportunities and the economic growth of a country will decrease. Anyway, this modern solution can give satisfaction to the people who dreamt of using high quality branded products.