Fine Choices for the Best Criminal Defense

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It is possible to analyze the technical knowledge of a lawyer without knowing the subject presented to him. This analysis is exactly the point of connection between the first variable security and the second variable technical capacity. You can See website and come up with the best deal.

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Written Contract

It is very important that the contractual relationship is formalized by a written contract for the safety of both client and lawyer.

Is This Professional Really A Lawyer?

It costs nothing to find out if that person who offers himself as a lawyer is really a lawyer. To check, go to the Bar Association website and search the national registry of registrants by that person’s name or by the Bar Association and State number.

Technical Capability

To choose the best lawyer or best law firm for you, make sure that that lawyer or those lawyers in the law firm has some of the following items. Such items are demonstrations, externalizations, that that professional has the knowledge and technical capacity necessary to act on his behalf:

Academic Production

One way to analyze how well that lawyer knows about the subject is to find out if that lawyer has written or participated in academic projects related to any legal subject. For example, attorneys who write articles, books, or other relevant materials certainly have technical knowledge of the subject and can help you solve your problem more effectively.

Lawyers who also reconcile the law with teaching being a teacher certainly also have the necessary technical knowledge. There are also professionals who are columnists in newspapers or contribute to the dissemination and dissemination of legal knowledge.

Participation in Entities

The legal world has several appropriate places for the discussion of legal topics whose main objective is the exchange of information between professionals and the technical improvement of participants. There are several places intended to encourage discussions and research on legal matters, which are made up of lawyers, judges, prosecutors and other related professionals.

Analyzing whether the lawyer is a member of bar association Committees, whether he is a member of Bar Associations or even groups and research centers, especially universities, are factors that help you find the best lawyer for you.

Participation In Courses, Seminars And Symposiums

A good indication is whether that lawyer is updated. As you all know, in Brazil laws are literally created every day. Keeping up with legal news is a very important factor in whether this is the best lawyer for you. No one wants to be served or defended by a lagging professional. A tip to know if the professional attend courses, seminars and symposia is by LinkedIn himself. It is quite common for lawyers to update their LinkedIn person page with courses and other related activities.


Choosing the best lawyer for you should also consider the specialty of the professional. It is always better to choose a lawyer who specializes in the matter you need, for example, to choose a lawyer who specializes in labor law to defend you in a labor lawsuit.

It is also important to consider that in a law firm there are several specialist lawyers. Therefore, hiring an office is equivalent to hiring several different specialists at the same time, which can benefit you, as it is common for a cause or issue to involve more than one Branch of Law. Hiring a law firm does not mean that it will be more expensive than hiring an isolated lawyer.