Freight Services as Per the Choices

مؤسسة نقل عفش بالرياض

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A freight forwarder buys and sells. If your partner buys badly, you will not be able to sell and risk losing your customer. Find out about its flows, its certifications, its IATA classification, the awards it has been awarded by companies, etc. With شركه نقل اثاث في الرياض  this is essential.

Responsive customer service, which gives you clear information about your goods, and quickly. At the other end of the world, you must be able to be reassured, and have effective contact with someone who says to you “ok, we take care of your goods”. A freight agent who offers good customer service is a partner who does their job well.


A trusted partner is constant in services and rates. On a regular flow, an honest partner will give you the best rates. He follows the market and is fair play in the relationship. A transparent forwarder makes the whole chain profit from a positive development. If the end customer is satisfied, the business continues.

The stability of the workforce is also a quality criterion since an employee who stays with his employer for a long time capitalizes on real market expertise. In addition, satisfied employees provide better service to customers.


When you entrust traffic to a real partner, this one will seek to entrust you with flows in return in your country. Why? For financial optimization and stable flows, or to establish a relationship conducive to setting up another traffic. A win-win relationship.

  • Financial strength, because you don’t want to pay a freight forwarder and end up with goods stuck in a port area because they haven’t paid their bills to the carrier.
  • References & testimonials, because the best way to know if you are dealing with a trusted forwarder is to know what their customers and partners say. It also allows you to verify that he has specific transportation experience in your area.

A good forwarder, a question of critical size

مؤسسة نقل عفش بالرياض

The size of the company is important. A certain size ensures negotiation capacity, purchasing power, stability and the possibility of reciprocity. It is obvious that a one-person company that works with a multitude of partners will not be able to restore traffic.

A structure that is too small will also have difficulty ensuring continuous quality service in the absence of staff. From a certain size, you know that alternative solutions are put in place to manage your transport during the holiday periods.

Finally, a partner of the right size will have everything you need to do its job, starting with the right approvals: the broker/customs representative (Registered Customs Broker) , IATA approval (plane), FIATA (maritime ), AEO-Full certification ( customs simplifications and safety and security)…

Aim for quality, for serene remote monitoring

A quality French partner helps to streamline your flows. Each link in the chain is well oiled: the staff is available, competence is assured, the approvals present, it’s time saved.

The local locations of your partner in France also play a role: agents spread over the country’s strategic logistics points will quickly find solutions. Imagine a “dangerous” package refused because of an incomplete sender label. The agent on site acts immediately, informs the customer, changes the label if necessary, and in less than 2 hours, the package is ready to go.