Great Choices for furnace repairs

furnace repairs

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Regular maintenance of an electric boiler represents a relatively large annual budget and, above all, inevitable. There is a simple and more economical solution which is the maintenance contract. Signed with a certified heating engineer, this document formalizes the professional’s intervention each year throughout the duration of the contract. It guarantees you an annual and complete maintenance of your installation without you having to worry about its programming. And know that to retain their customers, most professionals’ charge more favorable rates than those they offer for occasional visits. There furnace repairs come essential.

My oil boiler goes out by itself

When an oil boiler goes out on its own, this is generally a lockout. There are many causes. To help you see more clearly, find in this guide the most common causes.

My oil-fired boiler is tripping

A faulty boiler indicates a breakdown in the electrical installation. It can blow a fuse and cause the meter to trip during its operation when one of the elements of its electrical connection is faulty.

My oil boiler often trips

A boiler that tends to fire unexpectedly causes both discomfort and a waste of energy resources. To remedy this, we must first look at the causes of these impromptu triggers. It will then be easier for you to adopt an appropriate solution.

My oil boiler is going up in pressure

The oil heating is provided with tools to monitor and regulate the water pressure. It is essential to determine the source of the pressure rise of the oil boiler in order to provide effective solutions to remedy this type of malfunction.

My oil boiler is clogging up

The fouling of your boiler will automatically reduce its efficiency. And if you don’t fix the problem quickly, you risk consuming both more energy than necessary and spending on frequent repairs.

furnace repairs

My fuel oil boiler consumes too much

It sometimes happens to note an unusual overconsumption of fuel. Several reasons can explain this problem, with technical factors or causes from the environment around the boiler.

Ideally, the maintenance of a gas condensing boiler is done in the fall, to ensure that your heating system is working properly. This prevents it from breaking down in the middle of winter. The professional must therefore:

  • Check the overall condition of the boiler and the exchangers
  • Clean the fireplace and the burner
  • Check the correct combustion setting
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the security systems.

Good to know: the annual maintenance of the gas condensing boiler by a professional allows you to achieve energy savings of around 10% on your bill.

Mandatory control every 2 years

If you have a gas condensing boiler, you must submit to a mandatory inspection every 2 years. This appointment with a professional makes it possible to ensure the good performance of your heating appliance and to check the general condition of the circuits.

These two checks are mandatory for the owner. You risk a fine of up to $ 1,500 for non-compliance. After each visit, the professional will give you a maintenance certificate which can be requested by your insurance in the event of a problem with your boiler.

Maintaining your gas condensing boiler: a few simple things to do

Simple actions to perform yourself will allow you to optimize the performance of your gas condensing boiler. Perform them regularly to ensure the proper functioning of your installation and anticipate breakdowns.