How the freedom firm makes this world a better place

Injury Freedom Firm

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The freedom firm was the joint efforts of Mala and Greg after their work with the IJM for over five years. IJM is the International Justice Mission.  This was established to bring international peace and harmony And also provide justice to the victims who have been harmed because of various injustice that has happened to them. TheInjury Freedom Firm has the best lawyers to come to your aid and to provide you with the best help possible the work is done by them is off 100% use to everyone in the world this world is made a better place because of people like them.


Greg what with the IJM for more than five years as the operational field director and started the first project of saving the women who were sex trafficked. This mission has saved more than 360 girls who had a victim of sex trafficking. The Association has the best set of lawyers, investigators, Staffs which made them the best team ever.

Staff expertise

Greg was the best in legal expertise and mala was really creative with all the teaching and her passion towards this was on full fire. After the rescue of victims, the teaching team helps the victims to restore their identity of their own, live a life of their own and overcome the future hurdles that are about to hurt them. with the help of their teachings, the affected victims can build a life for them and also live a happy life after all the bitter experience they have undergone. This freedom from the organization has been of great help to all the victims. that has to be more people like them. they promote kindness and seek justice for all. Greg and mala add great inspiration to all the young minds with a great heart. they really have a special place in heaven.. more than 600 families have been helped because of this organization. this organization has helped the families of the victims to change their lives into a very beautiful one. 

Injury Freedom Firm


Whenever they go to the police for the rescue mission, The freedom firm play the role of taking them to the location identification of the girl and the brothel keeper. So,. When there is a raid they have full support and protection from the police force. The level of danger keeps fluctuating when it comes to investigation. But the investigation is fully done by the members of the freedom firm and not by the legal officers. the investigation part includes off the members of the investigators impersonating themselves to be customers to the brothel holders and this part has to be done very carefully because it involves a lot of danger and risks. So these investigators go with an objective of saving the young girls if they are inside or to get as much information from them. the investigators always wear undercover cameras so that everything will be recorded for safety measures and protection. by this way, they can safeguard both themselves and the victims. They are trying all that they can to save the girls from spoiling their lives and future this freedom firm is actively working in India and in the USA.