How To Choose The Best Energy Plan

Power to Choose Energy

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Since the deregulation of electricity in Texas energy rates have dropped. This has benefited heavily from business and home consumers. Power to Choose Energy website makes it really easy for you to shop for electricity based on various criteria. They are the official website chosen by the public utility commission of Texas which makes it really trustworthy.

How has deregulation helped energy rates

Due to deregulation, a large number of electricity providers started providing electricity which has resulted in the energy sector getting competitive. This competition directly benefits consumers as they are given incentives and the competition keeps the price in check. Although it could be really overwhelming for someone who is new to electricity plan purchase.

Which plan you should buy

There are many factors which you should take into consideration when shopping for electricity plans. Some of the factors are:

Plan types

Electricity providers give you the option to choose from various plans which you could choose according to your needs.

Fixed-Rate Plan

If you want a stable electricity plan then you should choose the fixed-rate plan as it gives you surety and security of a fixed energy rate for the period of the contract.

Variable-Rate plan

As the name suggests, in this plan the rates vary based on the current electricity cost. Also, this is a month to month plan. So this makes it flexible for you to change plans.

Prepaid plans

In this plan, you will have to pay before you could use the electricity. Also, you can use electricity for the amount of money in your account.

Renewable plans

Power to Choose Energy

If you would like to keep your carbon footprint in check then you can select the renewable energy plan. In this plan, all the electricity is provided from renewable sources like solar and wind.

Length of the Contract

The term period of your contract is very important. Choosing a longer period contract could turn out to be a gamble for you, as if the prices drop in the future you could end up having a disadvantage due to your contract period. Also, if you want to cancel your plan you will have to pay cancellation fees. Whereas a shorter plan gives you flexibility and you can also change your plans later if you are not satisfied with it.

Your electricity usage

Before selecting any electricity plan you should make sure to check your current electricity usage and then buy a plan according to it. As electricity providers have different rates for different electricity consumption. You should also make sure to check if there is an extra price for the increase in usage over a certain amount of electricity.


Many electricity providers give incentives if you switch to them. They also offer discounted rates for new consumers which could end up making a huge difference in your monthly electricity bill.

All these factors should make it easy for you to select an electricity plan which will be best for you. Power to Choose is a great resource for you to compare all the electricity providers and the plans they offer. They have everything you will need to find the best plan.