How to run with AFK Arena

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AFK Arena is an Online Card Game you must check out!

If you are into card games and online gaming, there’s an underrated game called AFK Arena that you should definitely give a try. Currently, Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra are popular card game titles, but I believe AFK Arena has much to offer as well.

Online card games are usually based around purchasing packs, establishing a big collection of decks and playing against other players on the ladder to rank up. There is often a big invest of money and time with these games, and having fun and experimenting can get extremely costly. AFK Arena doesn’t function like this.

Instead of spending hours upon hours every day playing, stressing out against stronger players, and feeling overwhelmed, AFK arena is an idle-type card game. As the name implies, you actually progress through the game by being AFK, or away from keyboard. You can spend your time elsewhere, and simply check the app multiple times a day to collect rewards and make progress. We have an AFK Arena guide for all interested beginners!

You start the game off by selecting a hero from the available factions. These factions are

Lightbearers – A simple, jack of all trades faction that doesn’t excel at any property, but is somewhat good at everything.

Maulers – This is currently the dominant function as it holds a tremendous amount of damage, as well as some utility.

Wilders – Wilders are a faction that is highly flexible and support oriented. They can fit in many different compositions, and work exceptionally well with Maulers.

Celestians and Hupogeans – these are new factions with only two available characters in each of them. We will update our guide once more are introduced!

Also, according to there is a tier list of heroes. A tier list is a list of all heroes rated from best to worse across multiple characteristics. This is a great resource for beginners, as it gives them a good idea of how to start out and what to expect from each character.

Once you have your initial characters chosen, we have a small afk arena guide for making a team composition.

Depending on the number of heroes in your line-up from the same faction, all of them will get a small boost to their stats, starting from +10% to attack points and health when you have three from the same faction, up to +25% with five from the same faction.

Once your team is set up, it’s time to let them fight in the arena and earn you rewards. Once you start making currency you should spend it in the store to upgrade gear and make your team stronger. There are guides for this over at, as well as the lab store and challenger store. Once your roster gets stronger, you should look to take part in special raids and dungeons to get even better loot.

We hope this guide helped you get started with the game. Just grind regularly and you will find yourself with a strong roster quickly. Have fun playing!