Smarter Options for the SMS Verification

anonym sms empfangen

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There are more and more online services that, in order to be exploited, require users to carry out a registration procedure and those that, in order to be able to verify the identity of Internet users, require the entry of a mobile phone number are increasingly increasing. With anonym sms empfangen the details are perfect.

In this regard, if you are one of those who wish to take advantage of an online service for which you are asked to enter your mobile number but have no intention of doing so, know that you can “get around the obstacle” in a very simple way. Such as taking advantage of special Web services that allow you to receive online SMS.

On the web, there are, in fact, some services that offer the possibility of generating disposable phone numbers to be used for a short period of time and that allow receiving online SMS. So take a few minutes of free time and read the following lines so you can find the service that best suits your needs in order to receive online SMS. Wish you a good read.

Free Online Phone

A first valid Web service thanks to which it is possible to receive online SMS is definitely Free Online Phone. This is an Internet site from the English-language user interface that provides users with public telephone numbers of various nationalities to receive free online text messages.

To use Free Online Phone, the first thing you need to do is then to click here to connect to the main page of the service. Then press the Is Simple button, only select a number and select the phone number that you prefer from those listed: just click on the Read SMS button corresponding to the number you wish to use.

anonym sms empfangen

Subsequently, a new Web page will be opened through which you will be able to read all the SMS received on that determined telephone number as well as part of the telephone number used by the sender and the time elapsed from the receipt of the message.

To receive online text messages with the number given to you by Free Online Phone, you simply need to provide the number that was given to you to the service requesting registration by phone number. Experts also advise you to periodically reload the web page in question to verify the receipt of the message destined to you. Messages received on the phone number offered by Free Online Phone cannot be canceled.


To receive online SMS, you can also opt for  ReceiveFreeSMS. This is a service that works more or less analogous to Free Online Phone also in English but which provides a wider list of public telephone numbers to choose from. To receive text messages online with ReceiveFreeSMS, just  click here  to connect to the main page of the service and once displayed, just select one of the phone numbers in the list.

At this point, a new Web page will open, through which you will be able to read all the SMS messages received on that particular telephone number as well as the telephone number used by the sender and also the time elapsed since receipt of the message.