The FAQ for a leather making workshop?

leather craft workshop singapore

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All the coursed of Orbitkey are perfectly designed in order to suit the beginners, The most popular type, of course, to learn the basics of the hand and machine stitching is a course that is dedicated to a day course for learning the machine stitching and the hand made stitching. leather craft workshop singapore will teach you the basics correctly. This is one good method to try out the different types of techniques that are there for stitching so that you might get the information that is required ad also you will be able to choose the type of course you want according to your need. This will provide you with enough information that you need to go ahead and continue with the type of course you need, most of the people here in the one day course for basics make up to 3 to 5 items per day.

What do you learn in the Half/Full Day Craft Workshop

leather craft workshop singapore

You will learn so many things in the half-day or a full-day workshop. First, you will learn how to make and then you will learn how to cut and then make a hole and how to punch it and saddle stitch the leather. This will be done using the traditional methods of saddlery techniques. In this half-day class, you will also be able to choose the range if items that you need and make up to at least 3 items. The full-day workshop is quite similar to the half-day workshop. Except that you will be able to make up to 5 items. And you will also be able to use the industrial sewing machine if you like to use it. For both the half-day and the full-day classes you will have an option here to choose your items personally and you will also be able to personalize the items you choose and you have some initials embossed on the items and make some pretty looking leather crafts.

What is the difference between the 1 and 2-day bag courses?

On day one of the course you will be able to choose handbags that are made up of leather. You will need to choose only 2 to there different shapes of leather handbags which will have some pre-prepared patterns on it. Then you will also have the opportunity where you will be able to choose the color of the leather you want to use. You can also choose the lining, the fastenings and you can cut and then construct the bag. But whereas on the 2-day course you will be able to ensign the handbag yourselves from scratch. You will be able to design a handbag all by yourself from the scratch by creating the design you want and also by doing all the pattern cutting and you will be abler to construct the handbag all by yourself. So the important difference between the one day course and the two-day course is that you will get the experience of pattern cutting in the two-day course whereas in the one day course you will not be able to experience the pattern cutting.