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Statistic ball is more difficult to bet than soccer, basketball or Formula 1 races, and this is where the biggest sports surprises happen. Example from a few days ago: the most-recently-titled team loses with the league average 4: 0 or another powerful company (Real) draws with cucumbers. And these are not cases, it is

It happens very often, more often than in other popular disciplines where half a year in advance you can more or less determine who will win the game. Bayern, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea brick championship candidates in their countries? Doubtful. The use of real madrid vs barcelona tickets comes easy now.

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It is a sport in which a lot depends on team unity but also on individual units. Ronaldo and Messi, who were added to the worst team, would not have won the Polish championship. It is a sport in which the trainer has a huge role (tactics, changes, transfers, and mentality) but Jose Mourinho, if he led the one, would not have won the Polish championship. In soccer, the stadium and its supporters are extremely important, at some stadiums, it is very difficult to win at some stadiums, but if the Copper Legnica suddenly played at Signal Iduna in Dortmund it would be unbeatable? There is no pain – we play if the game is possible. A team in South America at home is unbeatable because their stadium is so high that every visiting team catches a breath. There is no pain. Psychology, sociology, economics, and geography influence soccer.

Soccer is politics and religion

If FIFA and UEFA (World and European soccer federation) ordered Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine because the penalty would be to take away the Russian World Championship – the effect would be immediate, the pressure of society would be so large that even a nation so enslaved as the Russians would be he rebelled. If FIFA punished points in the World Cup qualifiers for armed activities – there would be no fights in the Balkans, Ukraine or Africa.

The computer gets off the ball

Moneyball is advanced features in the computer program that evaluate the athlete for several hundred attributes, count its statistics and analyze the profile, so for little money you can create an optimal team, often from unknown and cheap players who together will create a super team. It worked in baseball and other sports. It does not work in soccer. Too many variables are too much chaos. Anyway, it’s difficult to analyze 2 × 45 minutes of an unpredictable game. Maybe when SI is at an even higher level? It may never. May soccer always be barbaric non-analytical.

The ball is tactical

The number of players on the square, changes, formation, individual characteristics is so great that soccer, soccer, books, training, TV programs, presentations, analyzes, websites, blogs, and discussions are created on soccer. So many individual and group characteristics are analyzed that strategic (long-term) and tactical (ad hoc) opportunities are gigantic. But still it is a simple sport, where the 11 peasant wants to stick the branch to the goal of the other 11 boys – so even the average brainy cook will get the point, even a complete layman can comment on soccer.