Drainage framework

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  • It is the plan given in a house or a structure for gathering and passing wastewater on through channel pipes by gravity to join a public sewer or a homegrown septic tank is named as building seepage or house seepage. Visit Website to know more about the drainage framework.

Or on the other hand

  • The seepage framework is intended to convey squander water from a structure to the primary sewage organization.

There are four unique frameworks of plumbing

  1. One line framework
  2. Two-line framework
  3. Single stack framework
  4. To some degree ventilated single stack framework

One-Line framework

  • In one line framework, only one line is accommodated to release squander water from washbowls, sinks, water storage rooms, urinals and kitchens, and so on.
  • Such a line is called soil cum squander pipe since it conveys both sullage and night soil.
  • A different ventilation pipe is given to all floor traps; gorge traps are not given in this framework.
  • This technique is more conservative and is utilized where a wide range of wastewater is taken together in a typical sewer line to the spot of removal.
  • While embracing this framework the accompanying focuses ought to be remembered: –
  1. A profound watermark of 75 mm profundity ought to be given in traps.
  2. Measurement of ventilation line ought not to be under 50 mm.
  3. Impenetrable joint ought to be given to the waste line.

Two Line framework

  • In this framework, two lines are given, one pipe (i.e. soil pipe) releases the

foul material from W.C. what’s more, urinal while the other line (for example squander pipe) releases squander water from kitchen, shower, washbowl, and sink.

  • The dirt line is straightforwardly associated with the seepage framework and the waste line is associated with a waste framework through the chasm trap.
  • These two ventilation pipes are associated with each stack.
  • In this manner in two lines framework, four lines are required.
  • In this framework chances of blockage will be diminished.
  • Four lines required in this way are exorbitant.
  • They might be hard to oblige.

Single stack framework

  • It is a worked-on type of one-line framework.
  • This framework is having a solitary line for night soil and waste without a discrete ventilation pipe.
  • It utilizes just a single line that conveys night soil as well as sullage and a similar line is broadened 2 m above rooftop level with a cowl.

Somewhat ventilated single stack framework

  • This is a superior type of single stack framework.
  • All the dirt and waste fittings releases squander water into a solitary soil cum squander pipe.
  • In this framework traps of soil fittings for example W.C. furthermore, the urinal is ventilated through a different ventilating pipe called help vent pipe


  • It is characterized as a twist given in a seepage framework which is generally loaded with water to forestall the section of foul gases in the climate and is known as a trap.
  • A snare forestalls the section of foul gases into the structure from the sewer yet it permits the sewage to move through it.
  • Water seal: – The upward distance between inside absolute bottom or plunge and inside most elevated point or crown weir is called a seal or water seal.

Prerequisites for good snare

  • It ought to be comprised of non-retentive material.
  • It ought to give a satisfactory water seal.
  • Its inward surface ought to be smooth.
  • Its fixing ought to be simple.
  • It ought to be built of the best-plated substance so human excreta may not adhere to it.