Top 5 Korean Brands for Contact Lenses, especially Black Contacts

black contacts

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Powered spectacles are the initial ones to have for theoretical issues. But now, if you turn around the world, millions of people are having crushes and using contact lenses, which has become a trend. People used to wear contact lenses for their costumes and occasions that might not be noticeable like a new thing, because all over the countries it became the usual thing to have daily instead of specs. At the same time, the purpose of lenses is mainly for novelty and cosmetics, which enhance the beauty of wearers. There are different colored lenses like black contacts , blue, white, green, purple, yellow, and varieties of those shades. In Korea, people, especially women with so much beauty consciousness, use these contact lenses in their day-to-day life. Exclusively, the K-POP girls are the promoters and fashion taboo for lenses to make their eyes sparkling and attractive. So, the marketers of these optical fields have strategized to promote their top brands in the market.

black contacts

Top 5 brands of Contact Lenses in Korea:

Many brands and ambassadors urge to sell their products in the market with many targets to attain profits. The following brands are significant prerogatives in the Korean markets.

  • O-LENS: This is one of the famous and foremost lens companies promoting the O- lens, also known as the circle lens. The company has recorded nearly 20 years of fame. They are assuring their lenses, which represent the graceful prettiness of young women because they have experts to do such circle lenses and are certified for the quality. And now the well-known female crew celebrities like K-POP and the Black Pink girls are the great promoters of this company’s products.
  • ANN365 LENS: The next topmost company and brand for contact lenses in Korea is Ann365 Lens because it has printed its footprint in foreign countries. Almost it has organized three-hundred stores all over the world. The secret to the success of this brand is they have well-known about the pulse of the fashion public. They have imprisoned all the young women’s minds by making them a messenger of beauty.
  • GEO-MEDICAL: This is also one of the best brands in contact lens companies’ high quality and safety list. They have attested their good service by providing colored, standard contact lenses with the slogan of fetches the gorgeousness people want in their day. Though it is on the list of brands, it is also one of the medical contract manufacturing companies. Thus it has enlightened the beliefs of highly qualified and much safer. This GEO-Medical lens is customer-oriented, not only in Korea but also in the US, CE, China, etc.
  • THE DOLL EYE: This company has been attracting people even though its name is the doll eye. Another plus of this brand is that it is quite easy to use and has different colors like gold and hazel, aqua blue, and turquoise and brown with other colors. They were issuing discounts to those buying two pairs or above, and they will get an additional one. They will get it using some codes.
  • LENSLALA: The fifth brand of lens in Korea is Lenslalawhich is like a humming of a song selling categorized colored lenses over the internet. The inherent country for this brand is Japan because the Japanese company named Arimathea is launching this brand, costing 10K to 50K.